Heres a list of our most frequently asked questions

Do you buy shoes?

We sometimes purchase pairs outright.  It depends on different factors like style, size, condition, rarity, and your asking price.  Purchases like this are typically done in-store only.

How does consignment work?

Consignment means we sell your items for you. Most of what we consign at the UN are hard-to-find, limited, and exclusive shoes, but we have an eclectic selection of footwear to satisfy just about every type of sneaker enthusiast. Other items we may consign are apparel and other collectibles that go hand-in-hand with the culture.

If you’re local or happen to be in the area, just bring your shoes to the shop. Out-of-state / out-of-country consignors ship their items to us – to download the right form and to get more info about that process, please click here. We always have an in-store store specialist available to inspect, authenticate, and appraise your goods. We come up with a price together with you and prepare an agreement for each item you consign with us. When your stuff sells, we pay you for them. We keep just 10% or $20 (whichever is greater) for each item we sell for you and we cut checks every Tuesday. We do NOT charge an extra fee to write a check to you.

Are your shoes authentic?

All of our shoes are 100% authentic. We do not sell, accept, or otherwise deal with fakes.

If I consign shoes with you how do I get paid?

We issue checks in your name as your items sell. (So you don’t have to wait for an entire lot or parcel of shoes to sell to get paid if you consign multiple units). When checks are prepared and ready for pickup (every Tuesday), locals will receive a notification via Text Message. If you are unable to make it to the shop, you may have someone else pick up your check for you, as the check is written to YOU and only YOU can cash it. Out-of-state consignors’ checks are mailed out.

How do you ship?

We ship all domestic (U.S.) orders via USPS Priority  it typically takes 1-3 business days to receive your order once it has shipped.  Please note that we only ship to CONFIRMED addresses that are associated with your credit card billing, as we do everything we can to protect you.

Do you accept trades?

A good amount of our inventory is on consignment, and we pay consignors shortly after items leave our store.  Trades would have to be to be in heavy favor of the store, and we want you to get the most for your shoes.  Because of this, we RARELY do trades.

Who sets the prices?

Prices are negotiated based on what the shoes sell for at market value.  You, the consignor, and the UN, come up with the list price together.

Are there any returns/what’s your return policy?

Please refer to our Return Policy

How long does it take for my shoes to sell?

A lot of the inventory we take in sells almost instantly!  We help you with pricing to ensure you get the most for your pairs, and that they move as quick as possible.  Some shoes will take a little longer depending on the style; some pairs have a limited market.

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